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  Alpha: The Ultimate Single-Dose                  Sachet Machine

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge packaging technology with our exceptional single-dose sachet machine, Alpha. With its versatile features, customizable layouts, and compact size, the Alpha machine sets new standards in the industry.

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*The hourly production capacity is determined based on a sachet size of 40x50mm and a fluid formulation.

The Future of Single-Dose Packaging

Experience the future of single-dose packaging with our innovative sachets. Our Alpha machine ensures precise portions, user-friendly operation, and customizable options.


Trust our expertise in advanced technology and industry-leading solutions. Let us transform your production process with cutting-edge sachet packaging.

Revolutionize your product packaging with our versatile single-dose sachets.

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Precise Dosing

Equipped with precise dosing systems, which ensures optimal performance while preventing wasteful overfills across a wide range of filling volumes, from 0.2 ml to 38 ml.

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Experience exceptional productivity with the Alpha machine, producing up to 18,000 units per hour. Its high-speed operation ensures efficient output for meeting production targets.

Production Capacity
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The Alpha machine uses 100% recyclable foil, minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Extended Shelf Life

Alpha machine's cutting-edge sealing technology ensures extended product freshness, significantly prolonging shelf life and enhancing overall quality.


Our machine is capable of handling liquid and gel products in the food, cosmetic, pharma, and chemical sectors. Elevate your production efficiency and quality with our single-dose sachets. 


Our single-dose sachets offer sophisticated functionality, captivating customers with their physical advantages and advanced usability.

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