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Innovative, Hygienic & Eco-Friendly

Fold & Squeeze  single-dose sachets offer an innovative and efficient way.

Fold & Squeeze single-dose sachets allow you to use only the ingredient amount you need in a simple but sophisticated way without overflowing, getting your hands dirty, cutting, or tearing it.

Fold & Squeeze single-dose sachets can be easily folded and squeezed with minimal effort. Fold & Squeeze single-dose sachets are designed to be compact and lightweight so they can be easily carried in a bag or pocket.


The single-dose sachet that can be opened with one hand

Fold & Squeeze makes life easier! With the practical single-dose sachets, your customers can use any product with greater ease, in either liquid or powdered form. The packets are convenient, hygienic, and waste-preventing.

single portion sachet for food
single portion sachet cosmetic
single portion sachet pharmamedic
single portion sachet chemical

With Fold & Squeeze single-dose sachets, there is no need for measuring or guessing the appropriate dosage, as each sachet contains a pre-measured amount of ingredients.

Reduced waste

Using a 100% recyclable Fold & Squeeze single-dose sachet can help reduce waste by eliminating the need for large bottles or packages that contain more ingredients than needed.


The innovative Fold & Squeeze single-dose sachets are made of 100% recyclable, 80% bio-based, and homopolymers according to EU regulations. 

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 20.21.27.png
Durable material

Thanks to their solid and long-lasting structure, Fold & Squeeze sachets are safe and impact-resistant.


For challenging ingredients, Fold & Squeeze also offers Aluminium based sachets. 

Increased shelf life

Single-dose sachets help extend the shelf life of products by protecting them from moisture, light, and air.


The absence of air in the sachet during filling provides extra shelf life.

Logistical advantages

The compact size of the single-dose sachet is more than all other disposable products in terms of product per m3.

This not only reduces logistics costs but also reduces the storage space needed.

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