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The innovative
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with one-hand opening

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100% Recyclable

At Fold & Squeeze, we believe that protecting the environment is a legacy we leave to our children. With our 100% recyclable packaging solutions, we aim to make a positive impact and contribute to a sustainable future.

Our commitment to environmental preservation is evident in every aspect of our packaging, from the sachets themselves to the packaging options we offer. Our state-of-the-art multilayer industrial sachets are made using 100% recyclable materials, with 80% of them being derived from bio-based sources. Sachet materials are certified according to EN 13432 standards, ensuring their eco-friendly nature.

Join us in our mission to preserve our planet while enjoying the convenience and quality of our products. Together, let's build a greener tomorrow.

Sectors of Application

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Innovative technology

The unique design of Fold & Squeeze sachets eliminates the need for scissors, knives, or other utensils and reduces the risk of spills, messes, or waste.


Users can quickly and easily dispense the perfect amount of product every time with just a simple Fold & Squeeze motion.

Technological Products

Traditional Disposable Packaging

  • Handling of packaging requires two hands

  • Outdated and unhygienic opening methods

  • Difficult to open and uncontrolled product release

  • Fragile materials that are easily breakable

  • Waste due to multiple part packaging

  • Less sustainable production process

  • High impact on environment due to microplastics

  • Large storage spaces and transportation needed

  • Not fully customizable and printable packaging


Fold & Squeeze Packaging

  • Just bend the pack with one hand!

  • Innovative, hygienic, and eco-friendly

  • Smart opening with quick & clean product release 

  • Durable & no-leak design

  • Innovative sachets without spillage and close to zero waste

  • Small production footprint

  • Efficient storing

  • Use of bio-materials and 100% recyclable

  • 100% customizable & printable packaging

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